Dan Test Format

Examiner John Cacioli, V Dan (2000)

All test candidates and partners will be dressed, properly, warmed up and ready for line-up a minimum of 15 minutes before the start of the testing. All test candidates and partners will be wearing the official ITF Dobok with proper school and federation patches.


All test candidates:

  • Chon-gi through Toi-Gye (as a group)
  • 1st Dan Candidates: Hwa-Rang
  • 2nd Dan Candidates: Kwang-gae & Po-eun
  • 3rd Dan Candidates: Eui-am & Choong-jang
  • 1st Dan Candidates: Choong-Moo
  • 2nd Dan Candidates: Ge-baek
  • 3rd Dan Candidates: Juche

(all candidates will start right leg back and perform each requirement 2 times right and 2 times left, unless otherwise specified)

1st Dan Candidates
  • Lead Leg Mid-Air Hook Kick
  • Lead Leg Quadruple Side Piercing Kick – Step Side Thrusting Kick
  • Quadruple Turning Kick
  • Double Side Kick to A – Front Kick to D- Back Piercing Kick to C (Consecutive)
  • Quadruple Turning Kick – Quadruple Back Piercing Kick (combination)
  • Downward Kick- High Kick – Jump High Kick (all three kicks same leg)
  • Front Snap Kick – Flying Side Piercing Kick (combination/no step allowed)
  • Reverse Turning Kick
  • Front Snap Kick to D – Side Piercing Kick to A- Back Piercing Kick to C- Turning Kick with instep to D (consecutive)
  • Flying 360° Back Piercing Kick
  • Flying Twin Foot Front Kick (2 Targets)
  • Flying 360° Reverse Hook Kick
  • Flying Twin Foot Side Piercing Kick (1 Target)
  • Flying Overhead Kick
2nd Dan Candidates
  • Quadruple Side Piercing Kick – Offensive Hook Kick (lead-leg consecutive)
  • Downward Kick – Jump Downward Kick (Same leg)
  • Side Pressing Kick – Side Piercing Kick (lead leg consecutive) – Step Side Thrusting Kick (all same leg)
  • Double Side Piercing Kick to A – Back Piercing Kick to C- Side Turning Kick to D (consecutive)
  • Flying Double Kick (candidate’s choice)
  • Flying Consecutive Kick (candidate’s choice)
  • Flying Combination Kick (candidate’s choice)
3rd Dan Candidates
  • Side Piercing Kick to A – Turning Kick with instep to AD – Back Piercing Kick to C – Reverse Hook Kick to B (consecutive)
  • Front Snap Kick, Vertical Kick (foot sword), Vertical Kick (reverser foot sword), High Kick to D (consecutive)
  • *From the ground – Side Piercing Kick to D – Turing Kick to AD – Hook Kick to D (consecutive)
  • Mid Air 180° Double Back Piercing Kick
  • Pick Shape Kick – Jump Pick Shape Kick
  • Flying Double Kick with Hand Attack (candidate’s choice)
  • Flying Combination Kick (2) with Attack (candidate’s choice)
  • Flying Consecutive Kick (2) with Attack (candidate’s choice)

All test candidates:

  • Advanced 1 – Step Sparring
  • 1st Dan Candidates: Semi Free Sparring
  • 2nd Dan Candidates: Model Sparring
  • 3rd Dan Candidates: Pre-Arranged Free Sparring
  • All test candidates: Free Sparring – 1 v. 1 and 2 v. 2
Self Defense

1st Dan Candidates verse 1 opponent: Must show defense against the following attacks: punch, reverse knifehand, backfist, twin grab to chest, single grab from behind, wrist grab, front snap kick, turning kick, back kick, head lock.

2nd Dan Candidates verse 2 opponents: Techniques are your choice, must be under 2 minutes in length.


All test Candidates will perform each of the following:

  • Foot Break
  • Power Hand Break
  • Specialty Break

Type of break and amount of boards will be based on the USTF requirement manual and the discretion of the examiner.


Verbal questions will be asked of each candidate based on the information in the USTF test requirement manual, from White Belt to the candidate’s test level.

Note: Knowledge and other specific technique information is found through ITF approved sources.